When WIll I See The Sky

Rainy Day

Liar here, writing from my chemistry class. Sorry Mrs. Kind, my mind left me weeks ago.

I'm tuning out all sounds, thinking of ways to improve this blog. Thinking of ways to cheer myself up from the mess. I feel rainy, on par with the weather outside. It's a typical spring day.

Trying my best to bite my nails, type, and think without making a sound. I'd say I'm an expert at staying quiet and invisible. No one ever sees me, hears me, notices my existence.  Or maybe they do, and are simply ignoring me. It's okay, I'm content with it.

A Gold Star For You

A gold star fails to make me happy. Merely a small sticky piece of paper, a facade of significance. It will no longer dictate my happiness. It will no longer represent my worth. 

I don't deserve a gold star. Take it back.

To All The Haters

Thank you for leaving without me, I was late because I waited.  I trusted you and I waited for you. I'll learn from my mistake and never wait on anyone ever again. But you did that on purpose didn't you? You left my side didn't you?

As for my haters, know that you've won. I'm being pushed down, affected by your hatred. Oh God, you have no idea how much your silly game affects me. I've hid back into a shell that took me a lifetime to crack. I'm losing trust in things I thought were natural. The name calling and the lies you've told, do what you want.

You don't know me, you don't know the true story, and you never will. There are still many on my side, who won't fall into your trap. I'll build an army and I'll come.

Wait for me. 

If you're in a similar situation, where rumors are getting out of control. Check out: Responding To Rumors for advice!

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