What is Love

We Were Stardust

Love is like stardust. It's a beautiful phenomenon, shining colorfully in the dark sky. However, like every perfect thing, it disperses over time. It spreads so thin until it's practically invisible. You can try your best to gather it all up, to bring it back to its whole. But it all crashes down after its highest point and you are left, stuck in the empty void.

And that's okay.

                        Because all love lies.

World of Hearts

I am not proud to say that I've had my heart broken countless times. I am less proud to say that I'm an expert at breaking hearts. All you need to know is that no matter which side you are on, it hurts.

A lot.

So What is Love?

Love is attraction. Love is pleasure. Love is attachment. 

It's when you lose control of your thoughts and actions, when your heart just has a mind of its own. It blinds you and entices you to do things you thought you never would attempt. In a way, it's all a form of brainwashing. You begin to diverge from your true self and lose a sense of your identity. 

As for whether it's worth it, it's not :)

Boys suck.

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