If You See Me

Dear Hatred,

I see you've found me, and I see how fast your words spread around. Its horrifying, like a growing pandemic, killing an innocent life. I wonder if you'll skim, or even take my words seriously. I mean every little word I say. I wonder if you'll understand my poetic words. Maybe I'll simplify my wording this time, just for you:)

Why do humans have Hate? Why does Hate take over all the good memories, the fun we had? Maybe the happiness was all one sided and I just didn't realize.

Others ask but, I'm so stupid. I don't even know why you Hate me. Do you? And if you know why, was it worth losing our friendship? We were good friends... right?

If friendship can end this easily, then maybe we weren't true friends to begin with.

I can't think, my mind is lost. My nails are all bitten now, but I keep picking at them. Lack of sleep because of sudden tears and fear of encountering you everyday. That's how much you've ruined me.

But I forgive you, because I make mistakes too. It was simply a misunderstanding where you lacked the full truth, my truth.

Next time you Hate, Hate to my face rather than make lies to others.

I'm not writing this to confront you or to consolidate, I'm writing to say goodbye. If you see me, make me invisible. Pretend I don't exist and stop spreading rumors about me, about my friends, and about anyone in general. Do you think talking behind other's back is a joke? Do you think it will make you seem cool? You don't know how much bullying it hurts.

Goodbye Hate,
I don't need you in my life.

Love, Liar

Side Note ~ I notice that my content recently has been very similar and repetitive. Now I can end my rants about Hate :)

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