Responding to Rumors


Spoiler Alert: 
Everything, everything is a lie

Rumors: People are talking bad about you behind your back, and you can't do anything about it but hide and suffer alone. 

When you can't trust anyone; when your closest friends betray you - that's when you know you're falling. The sensation of the air, the sudden breaths, and the beautiful sky. Falling doesn't seem too bad until you're about the hit the ground, still waiting for someone catch you. 

If you feel this way, right here and right now, then know that you aren't alone.
I'll be here, I'll be your friend, and I'll suffer with you.

How to deal with Rumors

Step 1: Wait
Because time is perpetual and tomorrow will become today, pain will disappear in the blink of an eye.

Step 2: Cry
Let it out, what's stopping you?

Step 3: Distraction
My favorite step of all. Find yourself a novel to read, pamper yourself with bath bombs and facial masks, and let yourself forget.

Step 4: Take a walk
Nature is a natural healer. 
When was the last time you were alone with it?

Step 5: Draw
Scribble out all the anger you've been holding up. Try it, I dare you.

Step 6: Write
I wasn't a writer until now, until I needed to rant but realized I had no one to talk to. And I trust you with my stories, far more than I trust the people I thought I knew. 

Step 7: Daydream
One day, you'll be successful, happy, and healthy. You'll be so high in the air that no one could ever pull you down again. 


I've been following these steps for a month now. 

And honestly, my mentality has been improving

Just Kidding

Anyone in a similar situation? Comment below

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