As The Boat Sails

Let the Fire Burn


As the boat sails, so does the fire. It's endless, burning at a constant rate, into the vast sea. Humans play with it, take it all in, causing natural discord.

When the fire blows out, the boat sinks. The flowers all die, and we all expire. Oh.. how I wish to expire from the ocean.

But even so, I'm not that selfish.

I will let the fire burn. 

The Truth Only We Know

I'm lost once again during my chemistry lecture, unable to focus. I'm running out of nails to bite and breaths to take. Something about the gloomy atmosphere, the people around me, it makes me vulnerable. I'm scared he will attack.

I should be working right now, writing an essay with the prompt: In a world full of lies, what is truth?

Instead I am writing this useless blog, pondering about life. I'm too ignorant to know truth.

I only know lies.

Short blog today, because I am busy attempting to have a life.

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