The Sound of Silence

I hear the sound of strangers asking for direction and vendors yelling for attention. The sound of children crying and mothers hushing. The sound of the wheels as they glide the tracks, the screeches as the train breaks. The sound of nail biting and my heart rapidly beating. I put on empty earphones and take deep breaths as I sit in my seat, patiently waiting. I close my eyes and finally, my ears begin to hear the sound of silence. I focus more and my body moves to another universe, one without color or noise. Everything is black and empty. I become blind and deaf and surprisingly, content. In this world, no one can see me when I can't see them. My soul is scattered and free, able to travel through the space with nothing to bring it down. I am the dust that formed the stars.

The Sound of You

As time begins moving and my mind fills with beauty, noise breaks into the beautiful facade. After adjusting my eyes to the sudden lights, I see bright lips facing me and I feel a gentle touches on my left shoulder. The train has stopped at the 5th station. When he sees that I am awake, he slowly pulls off my earphones and begins to repeat his words. I jump a little. More than fear of the unknown man, I am sad that I hear sounds again.

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