The Wind Rises

Rainy Day 2

They tell me it's raining as they point to the window. I hear thunder, feel lightning with my body. It's clearly storming, but I don't see rain. My eyes are blinded, poisoned, and unable to function properly like they used to. I am healing but, what if I can never see rain again?

If I don't see rain, I will die without purpose. I will float around the world, scared and alone. I will live day by day, thinking only of the present. The storm is too stressful for me to take on all together. 

High school ends soon. Oh dear stars, show me my rain! 

The Wind Rises

Today at school, I learned that when the wind rises, certain 'things' happen and we lose control, flying where the wind takes us. 

Everything else was a blur.

Salt in My Ocean
Roasting S'mores

I gather up marshmallows, chocolate, crackers, and most importantly, fire. I throw the marshmallow into the fire, forgetting to use a stick. I watch it burn. 

I think you've misunderstood. You're not white or sweet, you're ash. I never wanted you to leave me, I did the opposite of what I felt. It was a mistake, my hand slipped. I wanted you to stay, to make me feel something other food's lacked. I was full when you were next to me.. so why did u leave?

I miss you, come back.

Why does nobody listen to what I have to say. Why is everyone making me feel like I am insane for dropping the marshmallow.

I know I am stressed and full of hate right now, but at least try to understand mi.

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