The Boy and The Toy (A story about consent)

The Boy

The boy bought a toy one day. It was a small car that he fell in love with at first sight. 

The boy played with it every day. At first, the boy was gentle with the toy but eventually, he played with it so much that it began to wear down. Some days, he couldn't let it go. It was almost like he was addicted to playing with it. 

The boy didn't let his friends play with the toy. He was selfish like all humans are and he wanted it all to himself. It was his way of showing his love for the toy. 

The boy always said "I love you" to the toy before he went to bed. Sometimes he held onto it tightly while he slept.
The Toy

The toy never allowed him to buy it and play with it in the first place. The boy did it all without considering its feelings. He never had its permission. But still, the toy adapted to it in false hope of finding true love. There was no other choice. 

The toy had the illusion that it was happy. It had the illusion that affection is all that defines love. But there's more to love than playing, there's bonding and communicating. There was never love. The boy thought his toy liked to be submissive, but it was a lie. Maybe the toy acted content because the boy was, or maybe it didn't want to disappoint him. 

The toy is now sitting on a shelf, acting as a souvenir. The boy left it ages ago. 

The toy sits there everyday, hoping the boy would give it another chance. That toy is stupid. Why should it wait for someone who used it for selfish reasons?

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